P. Contreras

Senior Lecturer in Physics & Maths

Teaching Philosophy:

“Teaching is a matter of two-fold commitment between instructor and students.
Share responsibilities & enthusiasm for learning through  innovation
must be the main goal of the participants in any classroom activity”
I contributed to the university’s curriculum teaching 12 different undergraduate
 & graduate science courses during 30 semesters for public & private institutions
 I design instructional material for the physical sciences in English & Spanish,
& I write
peer-review papers & preprints.
 Following the new era, I want to prepare students to be successful blended learners, incorporating
eLearning, competency-based
education, flipped classroom, and new ways to facilitate synchronous  
& asynchronous
tuition alongside with the traditional classroom teaching.

We do research work on solid state physics & non linear wave propagation.

Department of Physics


P. Contreras