Jacinto Dávila

Computational Logician

Jacinto Alfonso Dávila Quintero

PhD in Logic and Artificial Intelligence, Imperial College, UK, MSc en Foundations of Advanced Information Technology, Imperial College, UK and System Engineer, Universidad de Los Andes, Venezuela. Tenure Professor at Universidad de Los Andes, cooperated in funding a graduate programme in modelling and simulation and a distance education system in computing. (co)Developer of Resumidor, Gloria, Galatea, Bioinformantes and InMemorian, he has served as supervisor for 14 undergraduate, 16 MSc and 5 doctoral thesis. He also leads the community service project ULAnux/ULAnix> and the open studies community comunidad de aprendizaje sobre servicios públicos at the politechnic, territorial university of Mérida "Kléber Ramírez".

In Internet

Web Page: http://webdelprofesor.ula.ve/ingenieria/jacinto

Blog: http://jacinto-davila.blogspot.com

Twitter: @jacintodavila


Jacinto Davila