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Thanks to Gregory (Grisha) Mokhin

This section was created for expressing my deep, heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Gregory (Grisha) Mokhin, cybernetic engineer and instructor of Buddhism and Dzogchen in the Santi Maha Sangha program designed by Dzogchen Master and teacher of Buddhism in general Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, for having prepared my first webpage, the URL of which is, and having hosted it in his own website, all of it disinterestedly and without any retribution.

I also apologize to Mr. Mokhin for having repeatedly attributed the URL in question, in my works, curricula and so on, to Shang Shung Institute of Arcidosso (GR), Italy, and having thanked the Institute in question for having put at my disposal a webpage free of charge, instead of having attributed it to and thanked Mr. Mokhin. The causes of my confusion were the fact that the person who communicated to me the proposal of putting a webpage at my disposal was Maurizio Mingotti from Shang Shung Institute, the fact that the photograph published in my webpage read “Courtesy of Shang Shung Institute,” and the fact that Shang Shung Institute is devoted to the preservation of the Dzogchen teachings and of Tibetan culture—all of which made me assume that the website in which my webpage was hosted belonged to the institute in question. Likewise, I took for granted that the website had been obtained by Shang Shung Institute by agreement with the University of Moscow because a computing expert told me that all .ru websites belonged to that University.

Finally, since it would be difficult to find all the places in my own works, curricula and so on where I mention the webpage in question in order to make the due corrections, I ask the reader to keep in mind that the URL does not belong to Shang Shung Institute by agreement with the University of Moscow, but to Mr. Grisha Mokhin, to whom once more I deeply thank for the work disinterestedly invested in the creation of the webpage, as well as for hosting it free of charge in his own website.

Elías Capriles, June 17, 2007

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