Biographical Sketch and Research interest


Fecha de nacimiento 2 -4- 1941

Academic  degrees: B.Sc.(hons) and M.Sc.  ( Poona University, India)
                     Ph.D. in X-ray  spectroscopy ( Poona University, India)
Present position :  Retired Professor in Science Faculty, University of Los Andes,
Also Professor emeritus in Medical Faculty since
1995, University of Los Andes. Merida, Venezuela.

Honors, Awards
Honors , Awards and members of Professional societies
1) National prize 1989
2) Polar Foundation Prize 1991
3) Honorary member of Diabetic association of USA .
4) Member of Latin American society of Science. 1995
5) Member of International committee of ICTMC from 1982- 2008
6) Order “ Fray Juan Ramos de Lora ” authorized  by  University of Los Andes (1991)
Books, Invited Chapters  and Editorial work
1.Photoconductivity: Arts , Science and Technology, Edited by Marcel and  Dekker,1990
2.Selected Papers on Photoconductivity SPIE, Vol.56, Washington Press, 1992        
3.Proceeding of  Sixth International Conference on Ternary and Multinary Compounds
ICTMC , Pergamon Press (1984)  Editors : B.Pamplin, N.V. Joshi and  C. Schwab

4.Invited Chapter in Atomic force Microscopy Highlights on Ultrastructural Pathology of  Human Sperm published in Atomic Force Microscopy in Biomedical Research” Springer ( 2011)

Non Academic Publications:
The art of solving Sudoku step by step , Outskirts press, USA, 2010                  

Paper in politics Comments on Cardozas paper on learning, innovation and growth in east Asia and Latin  America . Science and public policy,25 (3) 210-211, 1998