Investigated Research Topics: Importance


Research Fields 
1.Semiconductor physics and technology of ternary compounds.
2.Medical Sciences:
a.Confocal fluorescence microscopy and Spectroscopy: examination of hair for Diabetics, living structure of biological species.
b.Atomic force microscopy: Nano- structure investigation of biological molecules applied to HIV sperms and Ameba
c.Multiple beam interference microscopy: Investigate living cells and tissues.
d.Acupuncture:  Physical and neuro- science base for traditional Chinese experimentally observed results

Fundamental and challenging aspects of electricity and optics
1) It is accepted that the photon has a dual nature, particle and wave. The published paper shows that photon has no dual nature neither in space nor in time. Photon changes from particle to wave ( and vice versa) in 1016 sec with the help of creation and annihilation operators.

2) Earlier investigation indicates that magnetic field is related with rotational energy. The existence of an electric field and its close association with the magnetic field is explained by considering the vibrational and rotational energies of strings. Moreover, the presence of vibrating strings explains successfully two components of electron’s mass, namely, structural and electromagnetic, as expected from electrodynamical studies. (physics Essays)

3) The wave propagation is explained with Maxwell’s equation where it is assumed that energy is not conserved within the wavelength region. Moreover, it is considered E=Bc(c) is the velocity of light) suggesting that electric and magnetic fields increase in the vacuum simultaneously. This is not possible and therefore, a totally different approach is proposed.

4) The electric field emitted by the charge particle does absorb in the vacuum. Gauss law is re-examined.

5) Electron cannot emit energy forever. There must be a feedback mechanism which explains why and how the energy of the electron (or a charge particle) is conserved without loosing its mass. (physics Essays)

6) The nature, origin and propagation of the electric field is discussed and a completely new approach is proposed.

7) Positive and negative charge particles are attracted in vacuum i.e. action at a distance. This approach is reexamined. The above coherent and consistent approach suggests that the presence of vibrating strings in a compact form of liquid is an emerging field of “ sub nanostructure”