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Materias Dictadas

List of Study Sheets and Practicer SheetsAvailable for Download (Semester: A-2009)

Programa de Inglés IV/English IV Syllabus

Unit I Study Sheets:

1.      Types of Words and Word-Formation Processes

2.      Word-Formation Exercises (1) (Answers)

3.      Word-Formation Exercises (2) (Answers)

4.      Types of Compound Words

5.      Phonetic Realizations of Morphemes & Morphological Rules

6.      Types of Languages By Morphological Structure

7.      Semantic Relationships

8.  Semantic Relationships - Exercises (Answers)

Unit II Study Sheets:

1.      Notes on Words, Phrases, Sentences and Clauses

2.      Grammatical Categories, Structures and Syntactical Functions

3.      Order of Modifiers Before and After Nouns & Verbs

4.      Basic English Sentence Patterns with Transitive Verbs

5.      Verb Tenses - Exercises (Answers)

6.      Verbs Followed by Gerunds and Infinitives

7.      Gerunds versus Infinitives - Exercises (Answers)

8.      English Modal Auxiliary Verbs

9.      English Modal Auxiliary Verbs - Additional Exercises (Answers)

10.  The Passive Voice

11.  Practicing the Passive Voice (Answers)

12.  Practicing Noun Clauses (Answers)

13. Main Changes from Direct Speech to Reported Speech

14.  Practicing Reported Speech (Answers)

15.  Punctuation of Adjective Clauses

16.  Practicing Adjective Clauses (Answers)

17. Subordinating Conjunctions That Often Appear in Adverb Clauses

18.  Practicing Adverb Clauses (Answers)

19.  Practicing the Conditionals (Answers)

20.  The Subjunctive

21.  The Subjunctive: Exercise (Answers)

22.  Ways of Expressing Emphasis in English

23.  Ways of Expressing Emphasis in English - Exercises (Answers)

Unit III Study Sheets:

1.      Degrees of Formality or Stylistic Varieties in English

2.      Formal vs. Informal English

3. Written vs. Spoken English

4.      English Idioms and Colloquial Expressions

5.      Samples of Varieties of the English  Language

6.      How to Avoid Colloquial (Informal) Writing

7.      Pro-Forms and Eliptical Constructions in English

Unit IV Study Sheets:

1.      Sociolinguistic Variations

2.      American and British English differences (Wikipedia)

3.      Diferencias Morfológicas y Sintácticas Entre AmE y BrE (Zapata, 1980)

4.      International English (Wikipedia)

Other Important Information:

a)      The Article

b)      Practicing Article Usage (Answers)

c)      Expressions with DO and MAKE

d)  Connectors and Transitional Expressions

e) Connectors and Transitional Expressions - Exercises (Answers)

f)  Useful Conversational Phrases

g)      How to Use English Punctuation Correctly

h)      Secrets of Straight-A Students

i)        How to Learn Perfect English as a Native English Speaker

These study sheets are not the only materials you should study. They simply supplement the information given in class and found in the grammar textbooks. Therefore, YOU MUST ADDITIONALLY CONSULT THE BIBLIOGRAPHY recommended in the syllabus.

[1] The study sheets have been listed in the order that they’ll be used in class. Please print them all.