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Beyond Being, Beyond Mind, Beyond History

Beyond Being, Beyond Mind, Beyond History: A Dzogchen Founded Meta Transpersonal Philosophy and Psychology.

Volume I: Beyond Being: A Metaphenomenological Elucidation of the Phenomenon of Being, The Being of the Subject and the Being of Objects.

Volume II: Beyond Mind: A Metaphenomenological, Metaexistential Philosophy, and a Metatranspersonal Metapsychology.

Volume III: Beyond History: A Degenerative Philosophy of History Leading to a Genuine Postmodernity.

Elías Capriles... lucidly challenges Wilber’s well-known ontogenetic holoarchy model, claiming it is based on a delusion and its ond complicated gradations are only gradations of delusion... (He) also challenges other well-known transpersonal models, such as Washburn’s and Grof’s. Compellingly, (he) presents a strong case for an alternative view that could have major impact on transpersonal thought (because of) the powerful perspective it presents.
Douglas A. MacDonald & Harris Friedman,
Co-editors of the International Journal of Transpersonal Studies,
vol. 25, 2006

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